Wat Phrathat Lampang Luang

Wat Phrathat Lampang Luang is the most famous and popular tourist attraction in Lampang. It was built by the master level of Lanna architecture style. You can see a reflection shadow pictures of the Chedi that appear in the Ubosot here.

Wat Phrathat Jom Ping
The feature of Wat Phrathat Jom Ping is the mysterious reflection of its Lanna style pagoda’s shadow upon the floor of the old convention hall through the narrow of convention hall’s window. It is similar to the one happened in Wat Phrathat Lampang Luang.
Wat Lai Hin

This temple is the represent of a very old and beautiful of Lanna-Chiangsan architecture style, especiall the decoration of the Vihara and entrance door. The temple is located on the way before going to Wat Phrathat Lampang Luang.

Wat Pongsanuk
Wat Pongsanuk is a very old temple, located on Wiengnuea district. It was given the “Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards of Merit 2008 from the UNESCO. The temples were separated to be Wat Pongsanuk Nuea and Wat Pongsanuk Tai (north and south temples).
Susan Tri Luk

This graveyard is the place where Laung Por Kasem priest, one of Thailand’s most famous respect monk, stayed here to insight meditation and taught pupils. Nowadays, his dead body is kept in the glass coffin. The admires always come here to show their respect to him.

Wat Phra Kaew Don Tao
This is very important temple with Burmese architecture style. It was a statue of the Emerald Buddha since many years ago before moving to Bangkok. The tourist attraction here are the impressive Chedi, Kru Baa Sriwichai Momument and etcs.
Wat Chedi Sao
Chedi Sao, the local northern language means twenty pagodas. This temple is Lanna and Burmese architecture style. There is the belief “if one can count all 20 pagodas considered as people with merit”. Near the pagoda is the located of Phra Joa Tanjai Buddha Image.
Wat Sri Chum
Wat Sri Chum is the biggest Burmeses Temple Style in Thailand. The main part of the temple is the vihara which is half brick and half wood building style. In 1992, the vihara was damaged by fire and later was renovated as all original architecture.
Wat Sri Rong Muang

Located on Tha Crown Noi Road. It is Burmese style. The Vihara is made of teak wood with multi-tiered roof decorated with carved zinc coated iron sheet at the gables. This temple was a place many of the filming of movies.

Horse Carriage

Lampang is well known as the city of horse carriage because it is only one province in Thailand still retaining horse-drawn carriages as means of transport. You can enjoy sight seeing around the city with the price 150-200 bath a trip.

Thai Elephant Conservation Center
Watch the 30 minutes elephant show, follow the training instruction, dragging wood, playing the music, painting and etc. Visitors can enjoy feeding many intelligent giant and don’t miss the sight seeing by trying elephant ride around the camp. Call 0-5424-7979 or 0-5424-7871.
Chae Son Waterfall

Travel with 2 in 1 package both of Chae Son Hot Spring and Chae Son Waterfall. There are also the hot spring rooms you can relax. One kilometer by walk from hot spring, you can enjoy with the big waterfall which there are 6 levels. Call 0-5422-9300

View Mae Moh Mine

Mae Moh Mine is the biggest lignite mine in Thailand. At the site, you can view coal mine and power plant. Enjoy playing the cardboard slide on steep grass courtyard. Visit the coal museum and see 3D film or playing golf. Please call at 0-5425-4930-5.

Kiw Lom Dam

A beautiful place where is very conducive to relaxation in the Kiw Lom Dam. Rafts and boats can be rented to travel in the reservoir above the dam. ( Call 081-7646324, 087-661572, 0-5423-3733)

Pha Thai Cave
Excited walking in a big cave length to 405 meters with a lot of stalactites and stalagmites. Before the entrance, you have to walk up 283 stair steps. Inside the cave, there is the big Buddha Image where we can worship. (Lampang-Ngao Rd., at Km. 62 , call 085-7223082)
Kad Kong Ta, White Old Ratsada Bridge

Kad Kong Ta or Chinese market is located on the banks of Wang River. Every weekend evening (Saturday & Sunday), the ancient market offers many local and handmade products. Also you will see the past life in the present form from the century old architecture on the street.

Kad Thung Kwian

Kad Thung Kwian is located on Chiangmai-Lampang Rd., 25 kms from Lampang city. This market offers many kind of foods, souvenir and handmade products. We also call here as the “Jungle Market” ( Call 0-5422-2612)

Indra Outlet
This is a recommended largest ceramic distribution center and factory outlet in the north where you can enjoy shopping both the products of Indra Ceramic and other plants. The outlet is located on the area of 8 rai, only 5 minutes driving from the city. Please call 0-5431-5591-2.
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